Long Island CW Club (July 2020, ongoing)

Long Island CW Club Logo, member number 763
LICW Member #763

I joined the Long Island CW Club. This is a practice-focused club that runs various get-on-the-air classes every week. I’ve been trying to attend the B1/B2 Review and the Intermediate class. Both of those focus on learners who’ve mastered all the characters and are working on upping their speed and instant character recognition.

Morse Code Ninja (Spring 2020)

After CWOps and LCWO, my next course will be Morse Code Ninja. Morse Code Ninja is a series of YouTube videos by AD0WE that teaches Morse Code with a focus on head copy. There’s lots of good information on his site, both about learning Morse code and about learning in general.

Koch Method, LCWO (Fall 2019)

I’m learning Morse code using the Koch method 15 20 wpm I’ll keep this chart updated with my progress.

LCWO Koch method chart

Update: (2019-10-28) Added another blog post about how I’m back at it after taking most of the summer off.

Update: I’ve switched to mostly using Learn CW Online and I’ve upped my character speed to 20 wpm.

Update: (2020-04-29) I finished off the 40-lesson LCWO course! I blogged about it here: Finished Morse!

CWOps Academy (Spring 2019)

As a more recent addition, I’ve enrolled in CW Academy at Level 1 (total n00b). The class starts April 1, 2019. I will also post updates about that as it goes. Hopefully my slight efforts here will at least give me a tiny boost ;) Yeah, right.

I finished the level 1 class in May 2019. Yay! Check out the blog post.