I had recently asked on Twitter if QSL cards were still a thing.

And wouldn’t you know it, within a day or two I got one in the mail! Nice. This was from a contact on a local repeater, but we had a nice chat and so it was cool to get the card in the mail. Next step, send one back. As usual, I jumped the gun way early and had 25 QSL created even before I had an HF radio. But at least that means that I have something that I can send right away.

On the morse front, I’ve been keeping up with it pretty well. I’m up to lesson 29 of 40. I know most of the letters, numbers, and common punctuation. Some days the code feels like an undifferentiated mush of beeps and boops. Other days it is as clear as the top line on an eye chart.

Lastly, I presented a talk at work encouraging my colleagues to get licensed. It seems like it was well-received. I’ve submitted it as a talk at THAT Conference as well. We’ll see if it gets picked up.