I finally, finally got around to joining the local hackerspace here in Madison. This is something that I’ve thought about doing for a long time and I did it this weekend. I signed the paperwork and paid my yearly dues and it feels great. It’s something that I regret not at all. Sometimes I have to wonder what my hangup is that prevents me from doing these sorts of things.

Anyway, now that I finally have joined, it’s been great getting in some quality machine shop time. It is something that I’ve missed. In college, I had a student job in the physics department. The overall job was to build various equipment for a plasma experiment in the basement of the physics building. And under this larger charter comprised many different tasks. On any given day I may have been drilling out some widget, cutting up steel with a torch, or winding inductors. It had the typical loose student-accomadating schedule which, in retrospect, was amazing.

So there it is. Lesson learned. If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity, go do the things that are meaningful to you. Fill your cup. Whatever.